How to pass flashvars to a swf file?

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How to pass flashvars to a swf file?


Question: I just have another question :) I couldn't work out from the documentation how to pass flashvars to the swf file that will need to be converted to video. My swf file will need to accept two parameters that I'd normally pass in via the flashvars querystring in the embed object html code , eg flashvar="uid=9999&usertype=student".  Could you please let me know if it is possible to use flashvars with your product ,and if so could you please provide an example?


Many thanks!




Answer: From 1.3 version, Flash2Video Command Line support passing flashvars to a swf file, the flashvars is case-sensitive.

For example:

f2vcmdln.exe -cmd createtask -sourcefile "yourswf.swf?uid=9999&usertype=student" -taskfile "yourtask.tsk"