Questions about flash main-frames and sub-frames... (Strongly recommend to read)

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Questions about flash main-frames and sub-frames... (Strongly recommend to read)


Question: We are evaluating your product to see if it would be useful to us before purchasing it. We very much need this converter. However, we are challenged. We are trying to convert from swf to avi. The swf version of the file seems to work fine. Your software converts it with no errors, but does not display it correct.

The general makeup of the flash file is there is one frame in the main scene with a background image; Movie Symbol is placed on the scene that has items moving across the screen using a motion tween (from off one edge, across off the other edge). However, the avi only displays the background image and does not show the items moving across. Best I can tell is the avi is starting and ending in the last frame. Do you have input on this. Your help is appreciated. We really need a software like this one.



Dave Hirsch


Answer: I think your swf file is a "Single Frame" swf file, it means your swf file have only one frame or a few frames, we called these "Main-frames", but many "Sub-frames" or "Action Scripts" include in every Main-frame. Only main-frames number is recorded in a swf file, so the application only can get the main-frames number as the default converted frames or time. For example, your swf file have one background frame, and have 100 frames include in the background frame to show the Movie Symbol moving across, in this case, the application set the "FrameNumberOfStopConverting" to1, and set the "DurationOfConverting" to 1/FPS, but in fact, your swf file have 100 frames, so you should set "FrameNumberOfStopConverting to 100" or set "DurationOfConverting" to 100/FPS manually.