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Step2: Preview Flash Movie



You can preview every flash movie before converting, just click to select a task item in the task list, and then...



The Flash movie is paused at first. You may start it by clicking "Play" button.


To stop the movie playback, click "Stop" button.


To rewind the movie to the beginning, click "Rewind" button.


Click "Pause" or "Resume" button to pause or resume the movie.


Click "Snapshot" button to save the current frame as an image file.




You can locate a frame by dragging the slider bar. It is a very handy tool to help you quickly and easily locate the frame number range in the Flash movie to convert. This helps to browse into flash movie's frames easily.




fitwin Zoom the Flash movie window to its original size. originalwin Zoom the Flash movie window to fit the playing window size.


speaker Mute or not.