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Output Settings





Output Format: Specify the output file format.


Output File Name: Specify the output file directory and name.


Rip audio to: Specify if the audio of source file will be saved to a mp3 file during the conversion or not.


Video/Audio Details


Video Compressor: Select a video codec for the output file. Transparent: Specify the output file is transparent or not. If this option is grey, it means current video codec can't support transparentce

Video Bitrate: Select a proper bit rate for your video to control the video quality.

Frame Rate: Select a preset value, or enter a value you prefer.

Video Size:  Select a preset video size or custom video size for the output video.

Aspect Ratio: This option is to show different aspect ratios for you to choose from, or to keep the original/auto one for the created video file.


Audio Compressor: Select an audio codec for the output file. Include Audio: Specify audio data is included in the output file or not.

Audio BitRate: Select a proper bit rate for your audio data to control the audio quality.

Sample Rate: Select a proper sample rate for your audio data.

Sample Bits: Select a proper sample bits for your audio data.

Channels: Select an audio channel for your audio data.



Check it to enable the function to add watermark on the video frame and edit it.