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Input Settings





Flash File Name: The input flash file name.


Flash Variables: Passing flashvars to a swf file.


Replace Audio: Specify if use an external wave or mp3 file to replace the original audio or not. The audio data of this audio file will be merged with video data and the audio of original SWF file will be ignored.


Background Color: Specify background color of the playback window with RGB color during the conversion


Stage Size: Specify width and height of the playback window in pixels during the conversion.


Crop: Specify if crop the stage frame or not. You will eliminate unwanted areas around the frame, and only the specified rectangular area is kept.


Sequence Mode: Determine the created frame sequence.
AlwaysForward: If the flash movie contain stop in the main timeline by using action scripts such as "goto and stop", this option will break the stop by ignoring the action script.
Interactive: Convert with Flash movie's normal playback sequence including movie clips and action scripts.


How to start converting: Specify how to start the converting task.
howtostart1 Skip to a frame number before start converting. Specify the frame number to start capturing the flash. By default, the start frame is 1.
howtostart2 Start converting after play the source flash a few seconds. Specify the duration of waiting to start converting.


How to stop converting: Specify how to stop the converting task.
Unchecked: Don't stop converting by encounting the specifed frame number.
Checked: Stop converting if encount the specifed frame number. By default, the end frame number equal to FrameCount.
Unchecked: Don't stop converting by specifying the finished capturing time.
Checked: Stop converting after finished the specified capturing time. By default, it lasts to the end of the flash. You may specify the paramter to partially convert  the movie. Or you may enlarge the time to convert the whole movie in its normal sequence.


Control the conversion by receiving Flash FSCommand: Check this option will control the conversion's "Start", "Stop", "Pause", "Resume" by receiving Flash FSCommand. These FSCommand events are generated when a "GetURL" action is performed in the movie with a string and the string starts with "FSCommand:". The indicated file is the fanner.swf (original file is fanner.fla) which is in the "\flash" folder in installation folder, the "start" event has been sent in the "open" button and the "stop" event in the "stop" button seperately.