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Step1: Create Tasks




Click "Add" menu to open the SWF file in file folders, and add them into the task list. You can select *.swf, *.flv or *.exe files (executable flash file).


Click "Remove" menu to remove current selected item.


Click "Clear" menu to remove all items.


If you want to change an item converting parameters, please select the item in the task list, then click "Settings" menu to config your favorable converting parameters.


You can check or uncheck every task item checkbox to select what items are going to be converted. All checked items will be converted, unchecked will not be converted.




arrow_up Move the selected task item up.


arrow_down Move the selected task item down.


checkedall Checked all task items in the task list.


uncheckedall Unchecked all task items in the task list.


openfile Open the output file created from the selected task item.


openfolder Open the output folder specified by the selected task item.