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  I was just trialling your program and wanted to say how great I think it is, certainly the best SWF converter out there at the moment that I could find!!!
Designed for:
Windows XP / Vista / 7 or later
Windows Server 2000 / 2003 / 2008 or later
  How to convert Flash 3D to various video format
Demo of SWF to GIF animation with ADShareIt Flash to Video Converter Pro to experience effects with transparent
  This example illustrates the final effects of conversion from SWF to animated GIF. Capturing and converting SWF to video with ADShareIt Flash to Video Converter Pro is quite an simple and easy-to-control process. This demo is used to show the functions of converting SWF to animated GIF to retain its transparency.
Step1: Drop_Down to show the output format list and select the Animited GIF format in the output settings tab.
Step2: Select video compressor -> "RX".
Step3: Checked the "Transparent" option. And then click "OK" button the save the settings.
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