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  I was just trialling your program and wanted to say how great I think it is, certainly the best SWF converter out there at the moment that I could find!!!
Designed for:
Windows XP / Vista / 7 or later
Windows Server 2000 / 2003 / 2008 or later
  ADShareIt support Adobe Flash Player 10.1 and over perfectly
The New and Enhanced Features of Flash Player 10.1
  Flash Player 10.1 published with creative new features including filters & effects, text, native device interactions, support for multitouch, gestures, mobile input models, accelerometer input and periodic timer, etc. Among them all, the introduction of periodic timer is the most innovative and significant one.

It works by eliminating the dependency on different browser timer implementations to deliver consistent cross-platform behavior, significantly lower CPU utilization with nonvisible SWF content, and extend battery life. Nonvisible SWFs and SWFs on hidden tabs are throttled down to 2 frames per second. Frame rates of visible SWFs, timers, and local connections are limited and aligned to the player's periodic timer. Video can play back at any frame rate, increasing video playback fidelity.

This is to say, as long as the frame rate of nonvisible SWFs(the covered SWFs by other windows) lows down to 2frm/s, the frame rate of visible SWFs will be moderated as well in order to keep a higher video playback fidelity.

This new feature functions as a double-edged sword which, on one hand, can lower CPU utilization and save battery life, on the other, it may cause troubles for some SWF converters to capture the flash content under such extremely low frame rate.

Most SWF to Video Converters on the market now can't support Flash Player 10.1

The fact that most SWF converters on the market now are only with cripple support to Flash Player 10 or even earlier versions, may be a big frustration for whom want to enjoy the dynamic flash on other media devices. During the capturing and converting process, if the current window is accidently covered by others or minimized, the frame rate will drop to 2-8frm/s dramatically due to one of the new features of Flash Player 10.1 - periodic timer, which is mentioned previously and aims to maintain a relatively higher fidelity.

What will happen if the frame rate drops from 30frm/s(for example) to 2-8frm/s? Definitely the program takes much longer time to capture the source SWF and generates much bigger output video with intermittent animations.

ADShareIt Flash to Video Converter support Flash Player 10.1 perfectly
  However, things can be different with ADShareIt Flash to Video Converter thanks to the perfect support to Flash Player 10.1 and the unique our original self-adaptive-algorithm. They make it possible to capture the source SWF with original frame rate 30frm/s even if the window is covered, but just with our self-adaptive-algorithm of playback speed intentionally made to capture every single detail under this circumstance.
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