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  I was just trialling your program and wanted to say how great I think it is, certainly the best SWF converter out there at the moment that I could find!!!
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  How to convert Flash (SWF) to AVI with RGBA 32-bit alpha channel
What is alpha channel?
  In graphics, a portion of each pixel's data that is reserved for transparency information. 32-bit graphics systems contain four channels -- three 8-bit channels for red, green, and blue (RGB) and one 8-bit alpha channel. The alpha channel is really a mask -- it specifies how the pixel's colors should be merged with another pixel when the two are overlaid, one on top of the other.

Video with alpha channel is a common word in Adobe Premiere. It is with the advantage of video blending. You can composite a video by blending a video and a video with alpha. The result will be that one video shows above the other without covering it. with ADShareIt Flash to video Converter Pro first you should input the SWF file.
So few SWF Converters can convert SWF to AVI with alpha channel
  For many people want to convert swf to avi with RGBA 32-bit alpha channel, but there are so few such programs we can use, here is a tutorial about how to use ADShareIt Flash to Video Converter in sake of people who are looking for the same things.
Usage of ADShareIt Flash to Video Converter Pro
  At first, download ADShareIt Flash to Video Converter Pro software on /flash-to-video-converter/download.html, install and launch it.
Step1: Add source Flash (SWF/FLV/F4V) files.
Step2: Config the input settings.
Step3: Config the output settings.
Tips of converting Flash(SWF) to AVI with RGBA 32-bit alpha channel
Step1: Drop_Down to show the output format list and select the AVI format in the output settings tab.
Step2: Select video compressor -> "RAW".
Step3: Checked the "Transparent" option. And then click "OK" button the save the settings.
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